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Why Advanced Practitioners choose Guthrie

You went into medicine to make a difference. But you’d also like to have a life. Discover Guthrie, where you’ll have the opportunity to do both. One visit to Guthrie and you’ll agree that things are a bit different here. Maybe it’s because we’re physician-led and follow our founder’s patient-centered model of care. Maybe it’s because the people we work with every day really want to be here – and it shows. Or maybe it’s just something visceral that you can’t quite name, grounded in the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Take a look through this portal – your central hub for all opportunities here at Guthrie. If you’d like to talk with us, click the “Contact Us” tab to set up a call, or drop us an email. Who knows – maybe Guthrie will end up being a great fit for you. If so, you’ll be glad you gave it a shot. And so will we.

Find out why this is one of the best places to live
It was only after a while being here, that you realized how much easier it made your practice, how much better it made your life and how much it improved the patients' outcome.
I would tell any other midlevel that's interested in coming to Guthrie to come on board because the teamwork here is just so impressive. I think they'll find that the amount of autonomy they're given is extremely rewarding.